cagethunder (cagethunder) wrote,

Your Loving Arms

There's a new catalogue up for sale over at, with some matches that have gotten my dick's attention. Always nice to see what new talent the Boss has found as well. I kind of have a thing for this Beauxregard dude who takes on Twink Extraodinaire Ty Alexander in a new X-Fight.

Smokin' hot, no?

It's funny how tastes change the older you get, isn't it? I remember when I was a gay twink, and the leather daddies made me nervous. Now I think they're hot as hell, and whenever I see one I want to get in the ring with him.

I hope Big Beau isn't a one-and-done wrestler; one of the things that's been missing from the catalogues is the leather daddy heel stud.

Then again, it's not easy to fill the shoes of the Brooklyn Bodywrecker.

Or, for that matter, Big Clint Morgan.

I never got a chance to wrestle Big Clint, but always wanted to. He was, to me, the epitome of a type: the redneck Southern heel. He was also a BIG fucking man. Day-umm.

I did get to wrestle BBW--not on film, but privately--and it remains one of my favorite private matches.

Big Beau looks like he might have what it takes to fill those big shoes....but I guess I should wait and see the match first.
Tags: beauxregard, bgeast, brooklyn bodywrecker, clint morgan, heels, leather, leather daddies, ty alexander

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