cagethunder (cagethunder) wrote,

Lose My Breath

Some of you like to see me suffer.

Can't say that I blame you; I suffer beautifully.

Look at that stretch! Nice, right?

Bear hugs are also something I enjoy being on the receiving end of--I like to feel just how strong the poor bitch who got in the ring with me is.

After all, just a straight up squash, where my opponent just gets beaten and beaten and humiliated, can get boring for me.

I'm also insanely flexible, so it's always nice when the bitch gives me a nice stretch.

Gotta give the Russian mad props--he stretched my back beautifully.

I've never really understood why Alexi couldn't close out matches. He had it all--great body, mad skills on both the mat and in the ring, and he was a strong motherfucker. And yet...he always wound up getting his ass kicked. Go figure.

He also enjoyed hurting his opponents, and got off on being dominant.

Hmmm. I might need to watch that match again....
Tags: alexi adamov, bgeast, heels, jobbers, suffering

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