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I've always been a leg fan.

You can't have a great ass without having great legs. It's simple. When I was a personal trainer, I was always stunned at how many gay men would be all about the arms and chest and would be more than willing to skip Leg Day. To be fair, I get that--Leg Day completely sucks, and I dread it more than any other workout of the week.

But I can't look like this by skipping Leg Day.

When I first got interested in wrestling, my favorite hold was the scissors--whether across the waist or around the head, I was all in for that. When I first started looking for other wrestlers on-line, my screen name was Scissorstud (which also caused some hilarious confusion; more than once someone thought I was a hair stylist).

Even now, it's my favorite hold to apply and my favorite hold to be put in.

Of course, applying them is even more dick-hardening for me.

I love flexing my leg muscles as my victim squirms and begs for mercy as he struggles to breathe...

Yeah, that's a good time for me, what can I say? And while I can appreciate chests and arms and backs and shoulders and abs, if the legs are skinny and there's no ass...don't waste my time, bro.

Austin Cooper, for example.

Sweet, right?

Also, there's the jaw-dropping round hardness of the ass belonging to Kid Karisma.

And of course, Cameron Matthews...who should be modeling underwear for Calvin Klein.

Although I have to say, probably the greatest leg match ever filmed by BGeast, with tons of scissor holds and vicious scissor brutality, had to be Scott Williams vs. Brad Rochelle. it's an old match, but a classic.

Brad Rochelle, of course, was physically perfect.

Williams was no slouch.

And the match was sweaty, nasty, and brutal.

In fact, I think I need to watch it again.

Later, bitches.
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