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I'd never realized how large a part gold trunks have played in my wrestling career.

I've worn gold to wrestle for BGEast twice; against Lobolito and then again against Jobe Zander. The bikini I wore to destroy Lobolito was something I never thought I'd ever wear in an actual match for BGEast; as I mentioned before, as I was doing my pre-match fashion show for the Boss to figure out what to wear, I jokingly put those on--never wear something as a joke unless you're prepared to wear them for the cameras--and I have to say, skimpy as they were...they looked great on me in the video.

Let's face it. I look great in anything, really.

If I'm not wearing gold, sometimes my opponents do. First was Goldenrod--who was dispatched rather easily.

But then the Boss decided to have me break in another rookie, one who went by the name of Gold Mantis. Ask yourself this: would you have said no to this?

I mean, seriously. The body was quite beautiful, the ass magnificent, and the bulge definitely tasty.

Nah, couldn't say no to that, really.

I wanted to get my hands on him so bad I didn't even wait for him to get in the ring.

To be continued....
Tags: bgeast, gold mantis, masked mayhem, wrestling

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