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Someone posted--I can't remember which blogger it was--that patriotic stars and stripes style trunks was usually a pretty good indicator in a BGEast match as to who was going to wind up beaten, battered and probably unconscious at the end of the match. Gold trunks run a pretty close second to the USA trunks, though I kind of broke that tradition by wearing gold trunks that were barely more than a thong when I beat up on Lobolito.

Kieran Dunne wears gold all the time, and has become one of the most classic muscle jobbers in BGEast history.


Kid Karisma, who just somehow won the fan poll as Best Heel of the Year, was just another muscle jobber when he wore gold to wrestle me.


Of course, very few people wore gold as beautifully as Troy Baker, who was probably one of the best built and best looking wrestlers to ever grace the arena.


I always thought it would be fun to put Troy through the ringer sometime, but alas, he was gone before I showed up on the scene.

But I did get a chance to wrestle a couple of guys who also wore gold beautifully, almost as well as Troy.

When the Boss sent me a picture of a new stud who wanted to work for BGEast, and asked if I was interested, I said Hell YES.


Would you have said no?
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