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Come See About Me

I've always been a bit of a gear whore.

For years, on the rare occasions I would actually get to wrestle, I usually just wore a speedo I had on hand, or the underwear I was wearing. The gear didn't really matter much to me; it was the actual body contact and skin on skin that mattered to me. Pro gear had always been a turn on for me--but I had no idea just exactly how much pro gear turned me on until the first time I actually laced up the boots and slipped the pads over my knees.

My dick was rock hard, by the way.

I also mentioned in my last blog post that sometimes people would send me gear and ask me to have pictures taken wearing it, that I could email to them or post on Globalfight. Sometimes, when I'd wrestle someone, they'd give me some gear to wear and would sometimes end up giving it to me to keep.

One of my favorite pairs of trunks was given to me by BGEast stud Skotch English. We had a great private match when I was in his hometown;I've always wanted to have a rematch with him in a ring--the match we had was a motel match. But he had a pair of trunks he wanted me to wear, and I loved them. He gave them to me, but somewhere over the years they got lost. Which sucks, because they were fucking awesome.


Okay, that one doesn't really give you an idea of what they looked like.

Here's the front:


And here's the back:


They weren't speedo-style cut, but they weren't really squares. I loved the way the material fit me.


Pretty cool, no?

Of course, these were a gift too:


And these:


and the back view:


Yeah, you like that ass, don't you bitches?

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