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I'm Coming Out

I suppose it's only fair that on National Coming Out Day, that i finally take the mask off, right?

I've never hidden my real identity from anyone--and if anyone ever asked to see my face, I was always more than happy to send them a picture with my face showing. And anyone willing to spend more than a couple of minutes using the google could easily find out Cage Thunder's real identity.

But Cage's first novel has ben up for sale on all on-line retailers, including my publisher's website, so all one really has to do now is go to Amazon and type in 'cage thunder' to find out who I am.

Here's the book cover:


Yup, I am none other than the writer Greg Herren. And that's me sleepering Mitch the Bitch Colby on the cover of the book.


And here's the picture currently used as my icon, showing my face once and for all:


Damned ugly, aren't I?


As the Boss told me at BGEast once, I have such a jobber face no one would ever take me seriously as a heel without the mask.


But does it really make a difference? I mean, Cage still has a hot ass, even without the mask, right? And I've done some serious ass-kicking without the mask in private, too.


Not to worry, bitches, the Cage blog isn't going to go away any time soon. I still love wrestling, I still love to wrestle, and just because I've finally pulled off the mask publicly doesn't mean Cage is gone. Cage is me, I am Cage--and that's never going to change.
Tags: bgeast, going down for the count, masked, wrestling

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