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So, what's been going on while I've been off the grid?

BGEast released another catalogue--once again with no Cage Thunder in it, how the FUCK do they stay in business?--and there seems to be some good stuff on there, despite my noticeable absence. What to buy, what to buy...

Of course, I love me some ring action, and this newest Ringwars DVD looks promising.

I've actually wrestled Skotch English in private before.


It was early in my conversion from submission wrestler to pro-style. We wrestled for about five hours, as I recall, and it still is one of my favorite matches. I was kind of disappointed the powers-that-be never taped us in the ring. Even if we didn't take each other on, we'd have made a helluva tag team.

Of course, he's wrestling the Bitch.

mitch portait

Giving credit where it's due--the Bitch looks good. I think he looks better with more meat on him than he did in his anorexic-no-carbs-will-pass-my-lips days. I also like the trunks--but they'd look better on me.

Then again, what wouldn't?

And you know when this match ended the big bitch wasn't smiling.

Some of the action shots from the match look great.

chest claw

Looks like Skotch got a couple of handfuls of bitch-titties.

I do love to listen to the bitch scream.

head scuissor

I know from my own experience that Skotch is a skilled ring thug--he's probably forgotten more moves and holds than most while I am sure Bitch got the upperhand for a while at first--he has a size advantage, as always--but I think this smaller musclethug taught the Bitch a thing or two.

unconscious colby

Big shock--looks like Colby's down for the count AGAIN.

Skotch, you should have stripped them trunks off him and shoved them in his mouth.
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