cagethunder (cagethunder) wrote,

All This Time

Yesterday's post triggered some good response--thanks, bitches.

But the most interesting one was from an old wrestler buddy of mine:

LOL, it's so interesting seeing what a badass motherfucker you've turned into at BGEast...I remember when you were nothing but a pussy jobber. You suffered beautifully--those matches where I wiped the ring with you are some of my favorite memories.

Well, well, well.

Yeah, when I was learning my way around the ring I used to get my ass kicked pretty regular. I won't deny it...that was how I learned. I learned my craft at the hands of some nasty motherfuckers, too.

And you know what? I still like to see what my opponent is capable of--sometimes they'll catch me off guard and they'll beat on me for a while...before I get bored with their pussy-ass beatings and kick the shit out of them.


Big Alexi turned the tables on me in that first tag match--he worked the shit out of my back. He even got me to submit--but I took a lot of punishment before I finally let him have the round.


The motherfucker never would face me one on one...can't say as I blame him, given what I did to his partner Drew Russell when he grew a pair and got in the ring with me.

Yet even that big wimp got the upper hand with me a couple of times in his beatdown.


And I have to say, it's hot when a big strong man gets you into a bear hug.

Or a camel clutch, like Boyd Hicks managed...


He got cocky then, as I recall. Never mind, ten minutes later my cock was in his mouth.


Yeah, even little Stinger managed to work my back for a while.

Fuck you, pussy--it feels good.


Red Baron's headlock only delayed his inevitable ass-kicking for like a minute.


Yeah, stretch me out, you little bitch. And enjoy it while you can.


Even Jobe the Jobber worked me over for a little while. He got some good air here--but like always, the match ended with him as a puddle of quivering muscle sweat in the ring.


Seeing those pictures just makes me want to beat his ass again.


Oh, Lobo, adding insult to injury by grabbing my balls. Yeah, who ended up unmasked and unmanned, bitch?

And I have to say, there's nothing like being headscissored with your face in their crotch.


Yeah, I can dish it out--but as you can see, I can take it too.

I think I'm going to have get in the ring with my old buddy again....and we'll see who the bitch is this time.
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