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So, once again the day job interferes and keeps me from writing on here. But the good news is I just signed a book contract for a pro wrestling erotic novel, Going Down for the Count, which alas, won't be out until 2013. But I've committed to get my short story collection, Learning the Ropes, to the publisher by Halloween so it can be out next year.

Yeah, well, we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, over the last few days I've gotten quite a few emails in addition to messages on Facebook about the new catalogue from BGEast, and in particular, about one particular wrestler, Magnus.

Apparently, some people think Magnus and I should fight for the cameras, and their erotic pleasure.

He's a rather imposing specimen, isn't he? 6'4 and 230 pounds or so of pure ripped, defined yet really thick muscle.

I've ordered the DVD of his match with another masked muscle man who goes by Surge, so I cannot comment on his wrestling skills--but the stills look pretty hot.

See what I mean? He's a big motherfucker. And that's a place I wouldn't mind being--caught in his standing head scissors.
Of course, I'd enjoy the feeling for a bit, let him think he had me--he is about 5 inches taller and about forty pounds or so heavier--but there's nothing like a shot to the balls to make both men more equal, is there?

And is there anything so hot that having your head right in a man's crotch while he squeezes your head, so you can get a nice hot sniff of his musty, sweaty crotch? Oh, hell yeah.

He's a big stud, but I'm pretty sure I can take him, strip him down and get that mask off him.

And yeah, Big Man, you'd be sucking my dick at the end.

Or do you prefer working over little punks that are easy for you?

Anytime, Big Man, anytime.

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