October 5th, 2014

red bikini

The Rules of Attraction

As I've often mentioned, I was a fan of BGEast for years before I joined the stable of wrestlers, and I am always amazed at the levels of diversity the company displays in each new catalogue. There's truly someone for everyone in every catalogue, whether your type is muscleboys, hot daddies, men of color, big muscle, twinkies...you name it, it's there. And of the six DVD's/tapes released, there's bound to be one that truly pushes your buttons and gets your dick hard--whether it's mat matches or pro style in the ring or fantasymen or leather fantasy or gutbashing or whatever--if it's not featured in this catalogue, you can bet your ass it'll be in the next one.

I suppose I qualify in the 'hot daddy' category. I am always interested to hear what people think as each match of mine is released; sometimes I am really hairy, sometimes I am shaved smooth with shiny tanned skin; sometimes the body hair is trimmed down. I rarely wear the same mask--or colors--more than once. I wear red in my match with musclebitch Josh "Ms. Joshua" Goodman; a red mask and the skimpiest red bikini I own, which emphasizes the bulge. (It's not my fucking fault I'm hung, bitches.) I didn't realize one of the results of the low cut of the bikini combined with the package would be to make it ride down in the back, exposing my ass crack and hairy cheeks for most of the match (I know you bitches love my hot ass; make sure you have plenty of lube when you watch this one else you're going to yank yourself raw), but that's just an added bonus.

Anyway, looking over some of the wrestlers in this catalogue, I couldn't help but note the striking differences between those bitches.

Take, for example, this one:


I've always had a major hard-on for Shane McCall. He's a skilled wrestler, can do any style and excels at every one, has jobbed and taken some beautiful beatings in the ring, and has also evolved into a fucking stud heel-daddy. Look at how he fills that singlet; menace and power in every inch of his still sexy as hell body. I'd love to get in the ring with him sometime...as long as we both ended up sweaty, naked, and hard as rocks...that would be fucking hot.


Then there's sexy little punk Ty Alexander. I'm not sure if it was genetics or what, but somehow that kid wound up with a gorgeous, mouth-watering ass that is just begging for a spanking. The smirk, the hair, the attitude--GOD how I love stomping the cockiness out of little punks. And he's a about the right weight for me to toss around like a little rag doll...I've yet to see one of his matches, but I'm betting he relishes taking a beating and suffers beautifully. He's offered to be my ring bitch sometime...let's hope it works out.


Not sure what it is about Kayden Keller that stirs my dick up, but it's there. Maybe it's the attitude I like--God knows attitude goes a long way with me when it comes to wrestlers who turn me on--but there's just something about him that makes me want to see if he can take me down. (Yeah, right, like that would happen.)


Poor Bitch Colby. EAT SOMETHING, for fuck's sake. Once again, he's matched up against someone half his size. Congratulations on another win, Bitch.